The Early Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Early Entrepreneurs

After going to several Networking events here in Norfolk I found that they were mostly all the same. You go along, you exchange business cards and you leave. There was still value in these events but I like anyone else at 19 found that first interaction with someone sometimes twice if not three times my age a daunting experience. Who wouldn’t! These guys were established in business, wearing smart suits, driving nice cars and most importantly underneath it all were no different to me.

They had started out with a dream or a passion to run their own business as well. Don’t we all sit there wishing that we could have financial freedom and the flexibility to be your own boss? So if we were underneath just the same then what was the problem?

It was just a confidence issue to break down those perceived external layers until I felt comfortable that I could offer something to those conversations and or their businesses. This is when it struck me…

How many 18-26 year olds have that very same problem. They lack self confidence and although they have a burning desire for business and a great idea they are suffocated by the fear of failure, rejection and a lack of self confidence. It was here I realised that something had to change.

What about if everyone was around your age? What about if everyone had a lack of self confidence?

This was the birth of the Early Entrepreneurs!

Once a month like minded business individuals between the age of 18-26 come together to help break down those barriers. Don’t get me wrong there is still a place for networking with the older generation but this is your chance to bridge the gap between not going and going but being intimidated by and older crowd.

On the 3rd Friday of every month at a location in Norfolk the Early Entrepreneurs meet. The events traditionally start at 19.00pm and give people a chance to finish work and get to the location. The dress code is casual. I want you to feel comfortable and at ease. We invite a guest speaker along to the event to share his/her business experience. We then network with each other, make new friends and help one another overcome self doubts and fear.

So whats the big aim?

Eventually I would like to take the group across the country. For now however I would like to run 1 meetup every month at a chosen location before then having a larger meet every 6 months. It’s at these bigger events I will look to invite 4-5 guest speakers and give the guests as much value as possible throughout the day.

I would then like to find investors and raise my own finance to be able to invest in these business ideas people come along with or at least help support them. After showing it can work in Norfolk I would then like to go to Suffolk before branching further afield. Once this has been achieved I would then like to have National Meet Ups where we can have thousands of young, bright, enthusiastic entrepreneurs coming together to share all of their energy and passion in one room.  Watch out the O2 we are coming!!

What now? 

So if you think this is something that may be of interest to you then send me an email or connect with me on Linkedin or Facebook. We can then have a chat and go from there.

I look forward to meeting you all!

P.S If your reading this and you are outside of the age range but would like to potentially speak at one of the events then please again feel free to get in touch.